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The CLT-UFA library offers thousands of hours of highly entertaining programming covering every imaginable format and film genre.
It boasts the outstanding work of a myriad of European and Hollywood directors and filmmakers that highlights an array of star actors.

From French all-time classics Les Gendarmes through American block-busters such as Tarantino's PULP FICTION, Schwarzenegger's TERMINATOR and the heart-hitting SILENCE OF THE LAMBS to the Oscar-winning Benigni's LA VITA È BELLA, the CLT-UFA International catalogues cover a vast type of film genres being able to satisfy every programming need.

The SNC Classic Catalogue
(PDF 9,6 Mb) - based on the vast film stocks of the famous French production company Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie - offers a unique collection of French and Italian masterpieces and showcases the prosperous creativity of six decades of filmmaking.
The more than four hundred feature films of the SNC Classic Catalogue
(PDF 9,6 Mb) have become a heritage of European filmmaking that cinema-goers, TV-viewers and DVD-adepts will ever be enchanted of.

The following selection is only a tiny sampling of the overall CLT-UFA library.
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Please contact us to get information about the complete catalogue and its availability.